Create a home for your Role Playing Games to live and grow, with Epic Words. We have put together a suite of on-line campaign management tools, organized for both groups and individuals. Blog in character, post information as the game master, create wikis to share with players and more! Basic Accounts are FREE, and Paid Accounts provide premium features like file storage for just $12 a year. Keep track of your adventures and record your glory!

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Special Feature Preview


Want to turn your RPG into a living campaign? Want to run a public game? Want to find a game near you? Check out the new Organized Play Management, and learn about upcoming features from Epic Words.

  • Character Blog: Create a blog for your character and record his/her achievements.
  • Campaign Home: Collect character blogs posts into a group Campaign Journal on this page, and see other campaign feature links.
  • Wikis: Create campaign wikis to build your world and keep track of the changes and events.
  • Forums: Use the campaign forum to discuss tactics, strategies and what toppings to put on your pizza.
  • Calendars: Schedule sessions with a campaign calendar, RSVP to events, and sync them with your personal calendar. Optional reminder emails are available too.
  • XP Tracker: Reward your players with experience points (or whatever your system calls it) with this log.
  • Loot List: Manage equipment and treasure for both the party and individual characters
  • Compatible with all RPGs: Epic Words works with any Role Playing Game system and is genre neutral, so you can have fun with all your campaigns here.
  • (upgrade)File Storage: Upload your character sheets, maps, handouts, and any other file you may need for your campaign. Never worry about forgetting to bring these bits to your next session when they are available on-line.
  • (NEW!)Follow: There are some great writers on this site. Become a fan of your favorites and get links to their latest antics on your home page activity.
  • (NEW!)Friends: Return the compliment, and follow your fans. This upgrades your relationship to Friends. When you hide your posts from public view, you can still let just your friends and players seem them. It's kinda like the "in" crowd for your journal.
  • And More... robust privacy controls, RSS feeds, custom loot options, personal home page, activity lists, custom campaign colors and background image, email notification options... We're probably forgetting something, but that's good for a quick overview.

So, what do you think?

Epic Words is built by gamers, for gamers. We value community feedback because it helps us decide what to add next. We encourage you to share what features you would find useful, or ideas for improving features we already have. Voice your opinions by posting on the site forum, or sending us a message via the feedback page.

(By the way, we use this stuff for our own RPG management and have to say that you folks are full of brilliant ideas that help our game. thanks!)