[pbp d20pfrpg recruitment, 5 slots] legacy of fire, book 1

will be hosted at myth weavers

recruitment: legacy of fire, book 1 <<< click to apply :-P

(open until 07 sep, 19h59 edt)
10 hours remaining (close today at 19:59 edt).
*** closed ***
recruitment, round 2 (pbp: d20pfsrd).

will be hosted at myth weavers. 2-3 slots.

recruitment 2: legacy of fire, book 1 <<< click for details and apply

closes 15 oct, or sooner if viable candidates found.

(check out campaign style and activities)

current active level 1 line up:
- barbarian
- ranger
- cleric
- wizard

Fiona is a young girl destined to be the next ruler of her kingdom. With an evil witch after her, she has no choice but to try and run away from home. She meets up with some unlikely friends on the way who are also running from their marketing dissertation pasts. Now they have to figure out what it means to trust each other before its too late for all of them.