About Epic Words

Epic Words is brought to you by Friendmotron.com. A small development company started in 2008. Epic Words gives players of RPGs a place to share and enhance their game experience with the following tools:


Character Journals

With Epic Words, you can create character journals to chronicle your adventures and roleplaying game experience! These journals work just like blogs, except that you can maintain multiple characters from a single account and even group several characters together in a campaign. Campaigns can even have characters belonging to different users.


In Epic Words, a campaign is a place where characters can be grouped together. Invite some players to sign up and share their adventures! When they join, they can continue the role-playing experience outside of the game session. This provides continuity between real life get-togethers through a variety of tools:

  • Shared Journals Characters can create journals about their adventures. When they join a campaign, that journal is automatically shared as part of the campaign. Game Masters (The owner and manager of the campaign) can post messages without a character. Permissions can be set on individual journal posts.
  • Wikis Create wikis to share information. The Game Master and any player in the campaign may create or update wikis in the campaign. Older versions of each wiki are maintained for reference. As your campaign world changes and as your characters learn new information, the wikis can be updated to reflect it.
  • Loot Epic Words provides tools to record and manage wealth and equipment that the characters come across during their adventures.
  • Experience Points Game Masters and players can also use Epic Words to keep track of a character's most valuable commodity... XP! The Experience page provides an easy to use tool to keep track of XP gained and lost for each character in the campaign.
  • Activity The Activity page gives a quick overview of who has been doing what in the campaign.


Epic Words is compatible with all role-playing games.

Account Types

Our basic service is free, and we offer paid upgrade for advanced features such as additional characters, campaigns and extra storage.

  • Free Accounts will have access to all of Epic Words original tools including: blogs, wikis, loot lists, experience tracking, forums, and private messaging. These users can have up to 3 characters, and run 1 campaign as Game Master.
  • Paid Accounts are only $12 a year, and include all the features of free accounts. In addition, paid accounts will let users run up to 10 campaigns, 15 characters, secure dice rolls, AND give them 1GB of storage space for files. (GM's with Paid Accounts can choose to share their storage space with players in campaigns they run.)