Organize Play Management for Your RPG!

Role Playing Game Publishers of all sizes can now run living campaigns with professional management tools from Epic Words. Players and Judges can sign up through a customized interface. Judges can post the games they volunteer to run, and Players can register for them. Players can manager their character advancement, including special loot they earned from the sessions they played. Publishers can provide support for their new community with official wikis of errata, downloadable files, and announcements.

Organized Play Management
What is it?
This new system will help publishers organize a living campaign for your favorite setting. Dedicated fans can sign up to be judges and post events. Players can register for these events, and use the character advancement tools to level up and claim treasure.

Creating and playing in a living campaign is about to get a lot easier. If you are interested in setting up your own living campaign, use the feedback form to send us a message!

Friendly Local Game Stores can sign up as Venues
Stores can sign up as Venues, and take advantage of the new geography tools to promote game days to local users. (in the U.S. only to start) Post any game event, not just living events, and managing player sign ups. Venues can even let customers reserve gaming tables on-line! Other public gathering places that have game events, like a convention, a library, or a teen center, can sign up as a venue too. We'll fill you in on details later, but if you are interested, send us a note with the feedback form. We're looking for beta testers.

Wait, there's more...
Of course, since the new location feature can find game sessions and stores near you, it can also find other gamers. Soon we will be announcing new ways to help you find or start a gaming group in your area. Stay tuned!


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